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The Jim Cummings Band

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

Jim has been playing bass and singing lead since he was 13, which, as you can see by the picture is a very long time! He has toured asbassist with Gregg Allman, Odyssey, The Coasters, The Drifters, Brian Auger and many more. He has worked with The Beach Boys, The Tubes, Edgar Winter, Dick Wagner, Grand Funk, Alice Cooper and others. Jim has played on hundreds of sessions and film scores, and also starred in touring productions of Jesus Christ Superstar as Jesus, Little Shop of Horrors as The Plant, Miss Saigon as the Pimp, My Favorite Year as Alan Swann, and continues to tour the country with the Jim Cummings Band.


Jesse Cornwell

Jesse is a power house drummer! You won't want to miss his energetic and tasteful drum work! Jesse's inventive, and showy playing is a highlight!



Chris Moberly

Chris has played everything from Jazz/Blues/Funk/Rock over the years, and toured with Junior Walker and the All-Stars. He's now with the Jim Cummings Band as the resident B-3 WHIZ! You will not hear a better B-3 player in the country (or maybe the world). PERIOD! Astounding player!


Jim Bessmer

Jim Bessmer was struck by lightning at age 10...which kind of sets the bar for his virtuoso guitar playing. Very few mature guitarists can match the leve of proficiency that Jim exhibits. Naming Jimi Hendrix, Allman Brothers, Jimmy Page and more as influences, Jim toured for years throughout the country, and has never stopped playing wherever and whenever he can. You're in for a treat when you watch this man wail!


Jim B


Name a major venue from LA to NYC, and this guy has probably played it. And the list of major artists he has played with is longer than the list of venues. Yeshwua is a percussion master, and his work on stage is always a show highlight. By the end of every show, he'll have at least 10 additions to his black book!


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